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Clearance Request



The Clearance Request process enables staff members to review, collaborate, and approve key documents.  As an author of the process, key information will be required to kick off the approval request.  Any field with a red asterisk (*) is a required field and must contain a value or selection in order to submit the request.  Provided below is a summary of the information hat will be required:

  • Department - Specify the name of the department requesting the document approval request.
  • Request Type -  Specify whether the document(s) attached are associate with a GOAR, SAR, OST, IT Packet, Grant, NCB or Contracts Report to Legislature.
  • Subject - Provide brief description of what the request is about.
  • Description of Contents - Provide a brief description of the contents uploaded via the "Upload Content for Executive Review" button.  
  • Date - Default date associated with approval request.

Each reviewer will be required to electronically sign the request throughout the approval process.


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